The most common breakdowns in cars?

Get Car Smart by Protecting Your Wheels and tires

We have been helping to make owners going for over hundred years.

Right here we will show you what we have discovered the most typical reasons for breakdowns – and ways to stay away from them.

Broken down automobile with AA male

1. Flat or even faulty battery
Battery faults would be the most frequent reason for breakdowns – particularly in winter months.

In case you have got a challenge with the battery of yours, you may not be in a position to begin the car of yours. A car’s battery provides power to the starter motor, after which the motor turns the alternator, and that recharges the battery power.

Flat batteries are usually brought on by making the lights on once the engine’s off. But there is in addition a great chance battery issues are going to be right down to many quick trips or even a bad electric connection.

Batteries are able to go flat due to:

Giving your automobile rarely used for some time, and just used for quick journeys
A flawed component

A fault with the electric battery itself
Used age

The best way to stay away from a flat battery Do not forget to swap anything off as you exit the automobile. Removing the ignition key might not turn off the lights, but almost all contemporary automobiles have a’ bulbs on’ warning sound because you start the automobile door.

In case you do not make lengthy trips really frequently, the battery of yours will not have much opportunity to charge. You are able to sort this particular out there by asking for it overnight every two weeks or perhaps so.

When your vehicle’s maintained, the storage area has to check out that contacts are protected which the battery terminals are neat and shielded from corrosion.

Additionally, most automobile batteries have a guarantee of three to five years, therefore you are residing on borrowed time after consequently. Change it before it allows you to down.

Flat battery?
Call us away on 0800 seventy seven sixty six fifty five. Our breakdown mechanics will:

Test the battery of yours
Check your vehicle’s charging system

In case you drop your key or even secure it inside the car of yours, you are likely to need assistance getting back in. Keeping a spare automobile key at rooms a great idea, but small use in case you are a long way away.

Your important more than likely has a microchip, created to prevent your automobile truly being stolen, that may help make it more difficult to change in case you drop it. That is exactly why misplaced or perhaps trapped keys are a huge reason for breakdowns.

We provide a specific Key Assist program which could program a fresh element for nearly any vehicle.

Lost key?
Our team:

Will reach you anywhere you are

Can programme cars and trucks which often would have to attend a dealership
Uses manufacturer equipment anytime possible
Is DBS checked, therefore you are in hands that are safe

3. Damaged wheels and tyres
Punctures, like dull batteries, are often welcomed with a groan. They are generally brought on by a sharp object, though various other factors include:

In case the tyre’s knock a kerb or perhaps a deep pothole
The rim and tyre separating after a collision
Old era (due to used tyre tread, even when still legal)

In case you reach a kerb or maybe pothole, check your rims and wheels. Speak with a professional tyre dealer ASAP in case there is some damage.

Replacing a flat tyre together with the extra is generally straightforward. In case you’ve a jack or maybe some other wheel removal tools, ensure they are in condition that is good and very easy to get to.

In case you’ve a spare tyre, it will most likely be in the car’s shoe (make certain it is properly inflated).

Many automobiles include a post-puncture sealant rather than an extra. The sealant is injected throughout the valve, though it is just created to be considered a short-term repair.

The best way to stay away from punctures
A couple of easy checks are able to make it possible to keep a description from happening:

In case you spot mismatched tyre use, the wheels of yours are misaligned. Obtain a tyre centre or perhaps storage area to check.
In case you are drive with quite heavy loads, alter your tyre pressure to adapt (you’ll see the info inside your handbook).
Stay away from driving over potholes or perhaps through puddles that can conceal a pothole or perhaps broken road surface.

Flat tyre?
We will enable you to get going yet again. Members are able to call us, get in contact online or even have the app of ours.

Not a part? Get immediate cover on 0800 seventy seven sixty six fifty five

Flat tyre four. AdBlue
Most contemporary diesel automobiles use Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) that reduces unsafe nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants in the fumes. AdBlue is an additive that can help with this particular. It is often known as urea or perhaps Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), plus it must be maintained topped up to do the job correctly.

The handbook of yours is going to tell you the place that the filler is and also just how much to work with. In addition there is a mileage countdown screen over the instrument panel that’ll alert you about the distance you are able to get on what is left. The engine of yours will not begin in case it is used up, therefore it is essential to hold it topped up.

The best way to stay away from AdBlue problems Top set up your AdBlue levels frequently.
Keep a watch on the gas mileage countdown to be sure it does not run away.
Take care to not blend up the AdBlue container as well as gas tank when refilling.

This’s a part of the fumes process on diesel engine automobiles.

The Diesel Particular Filter need to look after itself, though it could get blocked in place in case you are doing tons of short journeys.

The best way to stop a blocked DPF
A weekly operate up the motorway should prevent it from blocking.
In case it does end up getting overloaded, a warning lamp is going to come on the dashboard.
In case the warning light’s on, you will have to get at motorway speeds for a good time to clear it.
Full directions must stay in the automobile handbook.
Diesel particulate filtering warning light

6. Engine oil
Getting the wrong level of motor oil may harm the engine of yours – and also getting a lot of oil is equally as risky as having oil that is low.

This could lead to severe engine harm and also will require an oil change at the garage of yours.

The best way to stay away from an engine oil issue Regularly check your car oil while using dipstick.
The amount needs to be between the 2 collections.
The quantity of oil between top line and the bottom of the dipstick is typically one litre.
Your automobile handbook is going to give you the proper engine oil specification.

7. Alternator faults
In case you are encountering persistent battery problems and also dim headlights whenever your engine is idling, you can have a fault for your alternator. Call us away on 0800 seventy seven sixty six fifty five, and offer the garage of yours a band once you are able to.

If your ignition warning lightweight comes on and the motor temperature increases fast, the belt which moves the alternator as well as water pump can have broken.This is a big deal.

Don’t restart the engine of yours.

8. Starter motor
Though starter motors are generally hard & strong, they do break eventually.

So long as you obtain your automobile maintained often, just about any future faults must be acquired before they bring about you any problems.

Wrong energy advice

9. Fuel problems
Add the incorrect gas in your car engine? It is the case with around 133,000 drivers a year.

Do not start the engine of yours in case you have put gasoline in a diesel or maybe the other way round. Just drive your automobile off the forecourt to a secure location and also contact our Fuel Assist staff.

The way to stay away from using the incorrect fuel

Green for petrol

Loaded up together with the bad energy?
Contact us our Fuel Assist group on 0808 271 2367

We will drain and remove the gas out of the system of yours and also have you going once again quickly.

Running away is yet another gas problem drivers call us out there for – and usually the camera they believe most embarrassed about! When the needle moves on the red (or maybe bleeps), it could be simple to overestimate just how much energy continues to be remaining in the container.

How you can stay away from running from gas It is best never to depend on your vehicle’s screen which shows just how many miles remain until the tank’s clear. It is not necessarily accurate.

If your tank’s low:

Fill up it up sooner instead of later
Top up the morning before an extended journey Of program, our malfunction technicians are usually on hand to provide you with a high up in case you want several litres to get going again.

10. Overheating
Overheating could be a premier reason for breakdowns. In case your climate warning light’s on, at this time there might be trouble with the motor or perhaps with the cooling process.

In case there is steam coming from the engine of yours or maybe the heat warning light’s on, push over in probably the nearest safe area and contact us.

The best way to Clean a Car Interior

Get Car Smart by Protecting Your Wheels and tires

Get Car Smart by Protecting Your Wheels and tires

Car theft is a very common issue which is commonly reported regularly. Nevertheless, your automobile is perhaps vulnerable to another kind of theft which does not get claimed almost as often. The targets are your tires and wheels. Even automobiles with alarm systems are actually weak, and top tires, wheels, as well as rims are usually well worth a huge number of dollars to thieves. A seasoned staff of thieves are able to get the wheels off the car of yours in minutes, giving the vehicle of yours on blocks & incapable of being pushed. In case you’ve costly rims on the car of yours, you’re at an even greater risk of theft. Awareness is the first defense of yours, so lower the risk of yours of wheel as well as tire theft today before you come to be a target.

Theft Methods
Wheel thieves usually work in groups, a lot like a pit crew over a racetrack. A automobile has to be elevated to receive the tires as well as wheels off, and this’s a harmful process to try by yourself, particularly when you are attempting to do it easily without getting caught. Thieves, consequently, work in concert to jack an automobile up upon a pair of blocks. After the automobile is actually in the atmosphere, the thieves each carry an edge and go to focus on taking the wheels off the car.

In certain instances, thieves take a tow vehicle to elevate the automobile. While not as typical, it’s occurred in the past. A seasoned team working in tandem is able to get rid of all 4 wheels in under 10 minutes in case all goes well. The goal of yours as an automobile owner is usually to put up barriers which make the procedure of wheel removing take as long as you possibly can. In case a thief believes that it is going to take way too long to get rid of the tires from the car of yours, or perhaps that the threat of getting caught is simply too substantial, he moves on to an a lot easier car.

Park the car of yours in a closed garage each time you are able to. In case you reside in an apartment or even have a home without a garage, this’s typically not an option. Nevertheless, a garage operates as a barrier which needs to be bypassed, and thieves ordinarily have a harder time having your automobile elevated inside a garage without alerting anybody in the building.
Install an automobile alarm that has sensors that connect to the wheels. The alarm detects once the automobile gets tilted, as well as the wheel sensors also detect once the wheels become tampered with.
Park in a region with a great deal of traffic when out only in public. The much more automobile as well as foot traffic going by the place you park, the unlikely thieves want to take a chance of detection by stealing tires or wheels in that place. Abu Dhabi hotels 
Park where there are actually surveillance cameras whenever you can.
Turn the wheels of yours when parking. This will make the wheels harder to get rid of since they get caught in the wheel effectively. The vehicle’s steering column lock causes it to be hard for the thieves to flip the wheels forward once more without the key in the ignition.
Use wheel hair on each wheel, such as your spare. The locks fit on every wheel and come up with the lug nuts incredibly difficult to eliminate without a key element. It is essential never to shed the key since you will require it in case you ever get yourself a flat tire. Nevertheless, the locks significantly decrease the risk of yours of losing your tires and wheels. Lug nut locks can also be beneficial because they need an uniquely sized wrench to get rid of. Nevertheless, the lug nut hair may be melted rapidly with a blowtorch to produce them meet a routine wrench, therefore they’re not as helpful as wheel locks.
People usually invest a great deal of cash on their tires, wheels, and rims. Whether this’s for aesthetic reasons or performance, they stand for a sizable investment and usually have sentimental value as properly. Thieves steal them sometimes in order to resell them to various other collectors or even to simply get cash for scrap. The initial step in stopping this’s not believing that it cannot occur to you. Second, get the wheels of yours and tires insured from theft as part of the car insurance policy of yours in case you do experience theft. When you create the realization that you are vulnerable, you are able to have the steps needed to defend yourself and the car of yours.

The best way to Clean a Car Interior

The best way to Clean a Car Interior

All of us really like the smell of a brand new automobile. Cleaning the inside of the car of yours might not bring back that brand new automobile scent, though it’ll surely enhance the atmosphere quality in the one you are traveling. Cleaning the windows, eliminating clutter and trash, and cleansing the carpet along with seats can make you breathe easier and can certainly also enhance the driving skills of yours.

Professional detailing are able to be very expensive, but with only a couple of resources that you possibly have on hand and a small amount of time, you’ll be able to clear your automobile interior the same as the pros.

How Often to Clean Your automobile Interior How frequently a vehicle must be cleaned is dependent on driving conditions, just how the car is actually used, the quantity of passengers, and just how often you drive.

Protection is surely a top priority when you are looking at automobile maintenance. Interior windows must be cleaned at least monthly or perhaps when grime impedes the ability of yours to obviously see oncoming vehicles. Debris and trash must be taken out of the driver’s dashboard and floorboard when it interferes together with the functioning of the automobile controls. For the majority of drivers, a comprehensive interior cleaning must be practiced at least two times a year. Maintaining the inside in the best shape of its is going to help the automobile be more durable and retain its value whenever you promote or even trade it in.

What You Need

Trash bag
Ammonia-free window cleaner or perhaps distilled white vinegar
Dishwashing liquid
Disinfecting wipes
Paper towel
Oxygen-based bleach (optional)
Leather cleaner (optional)
Upholstery cleaner (optional)
Baking soda


Vacuum with hose attachments or perhaps shop-vac
Microfiber cloths
Cotton swab
Stiff-bristled scrub brush
Garden hose (optional)
Old toothbrush


Gather Debris and Trash Before you make an effort to clean, collect all of the garbage in the floorboards, cup slots, as well as door & seat pockets and recycle or even dispose of it. Remove automobile seats, toys, along with other things that were left in the automobile.

Remove Floor Mats for Cleaning Car flooring mats are usually one of probably the messiest parts in the interior. It’s a breeze to clean them in case you eliminate them from the automobile. Give each mat a great shake or perhaps vacuuming before you start cleaning.

For carpeted mats, work with a carpet or maybe upholstery cleaner and comply with the directions.

For silicone mats, vinyl, or rubber, work with a garden hose to clean away excess soil. Mix a formula of water that is warm and a number of drops of dishwashing liquid inside a bucket. Dip a scrub brush within the answer and thoroughly clean the mats. Rinse very well and allow to air dry before placing again in the automobile.

Clean the Interior Windows as well as Mirror Use a microfiber cloth plus an ammonia free industrial window cleaner (ammonia is able to harm inside plastics) in a squirt container to get rid of the haze from inside windows. Lower the windows somewhat and begin at the roof of the window as well as work down which means you are going to catch any drips. In case you’ve tinted windows, examine the label of the washing product to be sure it’s safe for the windows of yours.


Create yummy window cleaner by blending a one-to-one option of distilled white vinegar as well as water.

Clean the Center Console The center system typically contains cup holders which could get messy. In case the cup holder is actually removable, permit it to soak in many warm water along with a little of dishwashing liquid. Finish by wiping it lower by way of a soft cloth as well as rinsing best with water that is fresh. Dry as well as reassemble the system.

In order to cleanse other controls and the gearstick, work with a thoroughly clean microfiber cloth which is just somewhat damp. In order to reach tight corners, make use of an outdated toothbrush, damp satin swab, or maybe wrap a damp paper bath towel around the point of a dull knife or perhaps flat head screwdriver.

Remove Grime and dashboard Dust Use a duster to get rid of as much dust as you can from the dash panel as well as satin swabs to get into tiny spaces around knobs and vents. After dusting, make use of a somewhat damp microfiber cloth to eliminate some grime and fingerprints.


To reach the narrow component of the dashboard exactly where it joins the auto glass, wrap a somewhat damp microfiber cloth around a leader or maybe wooden paint stirrer.

Disinfect the Steering Wheel The steering wheel as well as gear shift knobs are actually several of the most germ ridden spots in an automobile. Use a disinfecting clean to thoroughly clean away bacteria and germs. Buff dry out with a thoroughly clean microfiber cloth.

Clean Leather Car Seats

In case you’ve leather automobile seats, do the vacuum crevice application to thoroughly remove grime and dust from stitching and the spot where bottom seats and the backs join. Wipe down every seat with a business leather cleaner or perhaps a formula of saddle water and soap.

After making clean the seat, you might want to utilize a leather conditioner to bring shine and suppleness.

Clean Cloth Car Seats

For cloth automobile seats, start by vacuuming each seat properly. Pretreat heavily stained regions with a little bit of upholstery cleaner or perhaps follow the guidelines for a certain kind of stain. For dye based stains as Kool Aid, create a paste of powdered oxygen based bleach along with a little bit of water. Apply the paste to the tarnished place and allow it to work for a minimum of one hour just before vacuum cleaning at bay residue.

As soon as the heavy stains have been eliminated, stick to the directions on the upholstery cleanser to clean the whole seat. Try using a scrub brush to the office the fresher into the fabric and after that make use of a microfiber cloth dipped for water that is plain to clean away the cleaner as well as grime.

Repeat the actions in case needed and let the seating to air dry.


Do not forget to thoroughly clean your seat belts. Make use of the upholstery cleanser to thoroughly clean the fabric straps to get rid of stains and grime. Wipe down the metallic fasteners and also molded clasps having a damp microfiber cloth.

Vacuum as well as Clean the Interior Carpet One of previous steps is actually vacuuming the vehicle’s carpet. By getting this done last, every one of the trash from some other responsibilities will be sucked at a distance. In case there are actually spots on the carpet, work with a business carpet cleaner and comply with the directions.

Clean the Door Panels The door sections might be a mix of carpet and leather or vinyl. Make use of a damp microfiber cloth to clean lower the finishes as well as clean out the pockets.

Tackle Tough Odors

Last but not least, in case your automobile still smells stale, spread the carpet as well as cloth seats with dry sodium bicarbonate. Let it continue to be over night and then vacuum it out.

You are able to also manage odors by putting some baking soda or perhaps activated charcoal inside a sealed clear plastic container. Cut a few slits in the lid and put it under 1 of the seating. Change the contents each other month.

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