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Sicily by car fees include:

Unlimited mileage (except when indicated differently), damage penalty as well as VAT theft reductions, radio, road tax, airport surcharge (for pick ups at airport locations). Downtown surcharge (for pick ups at downtown locations), preparation of the automobile, registration fees. Sicily by car

Sicily by car fees don’t include:
complete elimination of house designs and Damage penalties, one particular option supplement, fuel, refuelling service charge,
energy, fines, optional clauses (Car Protection Plus, Pai Plus, Super Gold Protection and Road
Assistance Plus Additional service, supplements, extras, and) in case of fines, tolls, parking tickets,
and some additional charge or penalty issued by the Authority relevant to the automobile circulation, & anything not expressly provided.

Vital INFORMATION to Rent From Sicily by car

The maximum permitted length of a rental is of twenty six times and after that the buyer should go back to the pick up office to close the rental agreement and start a brand new body.
For rentals from twenty seven days onwards the quantities as well as the T&C’s of the “Monthly” rate apply (please see the appropriate information shown on the site). Especially for the mileage, the “Monthly” rate states.
a limit of 3500 kms monthly (thirty days). A product is going to be charged for

If the rental time exceeds thirty days. You should finish the process as well as accept the obligations deriving from article ninety four, paragraph four bis of the Italian Road Traffic Code, talking about the upgrade of the Vehicles National Register.

Sicily by Car isn’t responsible for something which could happen in the event of non compliance with these responsibilities.

Bare minimum and maximum age:

For the rental of car belonging to organizations A/A1/A2/B/C/D/EE/E1/E2/F/N/S/S1, the minimum driver’s age is twenty one years provided that the transaction of an everyday product called “young driver” has been used The price of the “young driver” dietary supplement is of € 14,13 plus sixteen % apt/dt surcharge plus VAT. It’s likely to rent car belonging to groups A/A2/B/C despite the fact that the driver is nineteen years good old. Upon the transaction of the young driver fee € 21,20 + sixteen % tax + VAT each day.

The drivers whose minimum age is of twenty three years old can lease the automobiles belonging to automobile groups A/A1/A2/B/C/D/EE/E1/E2/F/N/S/S1 without paying for the above mentioned “young driver” supplement.
For vehicles belonging to the driver and groups G/J/J1/QW/N1/N2/NW/PW/U/UW/SW should be no less than twenty five years old. For most automobile groups, the highest age permitted for all automobile groups is eighty years of age.

Required driving license validity + original ID document

  • For the rental of automobiles belonging to organizations A/A1/A2/B/C/D/EE/E1/E2/F/N/S/S1 the driver should have kept a valid operating license for a minimum of one year and one day. For the rental of automobiles belonging to other groups. The driver should have kept a valid operating license for a minimum of three years.
  • Together with the operating license, the driver should be in possession of a valid and original Identity card and/or passport.
  • As per Italian law (art. thirty five DPR 445/2000).
  • The document has to be supplied of a clear photograph along with a stamp issued by a State administration.
  • If even among the 2 above requested documents is missing it won’t be easy to provide the booked vehicle.

Some additional demands for the driving license:

  • The driver should always have possession of the initial driving license.
  • The driving license has to be legitimate upon pick up of automobile and its expiry date should be later than the place off of vehicle absolutely no cancellations.
  • The driving license should report the driver’s signature. And photo to get in Italy. As well as much as applies to all driving licenses issued by every nation not part of the European Community.
  • The driver should be in possession (together with the operating license, of course) of a proper International Driving Permission whose validity is of one season so it must have normal course of validity.
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Aroma Rent A Car| Services and Vision

Aroma Travel Service has a quickly growing Aroma Rent A Car division that caters to both, walk in customers and corporate clients. Our fleet has a selection of cars to suit the specifications of yours as well as our long term renting contracts are cost effective. Currently, our network occurs in Islamabad and Karachi, but we’re in process of expanding the operations of ours to other primary cities across Pakistan.

Aroma Rent A Car

Aroma Rent A automobile is a provider of outstanding car rental as well as hire services. At Aroma, we business to offer the clients of ours with automobile rental providers, creating each and every one of them really feel as a VIP, anywhere they go. With Aroma, our clients receive the lowest rental rates, convenient pick up lots and also facilities of various other advantages.

We’re an internet and over-the-counter platform for automobile rental services. When our clients require an automobile hire offer in any specific community or place, we provide them with top virtually all automobiles with probably the lowest cost quotes, least expensive packages, along with a selection of automobile listings. As a reputed automobile rental firm, we’re offering a bunch of car brands as Suzuki, Honda and Toyota. When you create an over-the-counter or online automobile rental booking with us, we offer you a rental voucher that should be taken along, to state your rental car on the pickup location you pick out.

At Aroma, it is the duty of ours to make sure you receive the very best of all starting from the car you would like. The rental offer which fits the pockets of yours the perfect pick up point you choose. We take pleasure in showing a broad assortment of automobile rental services at nationwide locations covering main cities. From luxury and advanced sedans to economic small automobiles. We provide you with diverse automobile collection to meet the travel of yours, business, vacation or maybe some other travel plans.

Aroma seeks to provide you good quality and affordable automobile rental solutions, at best great prices. We give you flexible ways of traveling at probably the lowest possible charges.

Who’s Aroma Rent A Car

With almost thirty years since beginning, at Aroma Travel Service (Pvt) Ltd. We present ourselves as an extremely seasoned and expert tour and travel connected business agency of Pakistan. With considerable experience and achievement in the market we’re still a quickly growing business. Completely ready to accept changing customer and market challenges demands.
The Directors of the organization are hard core professionals of the market and also hold important positions in several of the primary key business and travel regulatory authorities. They’re dependent on skilled as well as skilled business experts. That are well educated and also have considerable exposures to different training programs and workshops.

Aroma Rent A Car ‘s Vision

Our vision is pushd with ambitions to provide top and professional quality offerings to the customers of ours. Through good management and product sales techniques. We strive in an ambiance of competitive success and client satisfaction. Therefore working effectively and hard towards broadening the horizons of ours and rewriting a success story.
STRENGTHS & BUSINESS ACUMEN Aroma Travel Service (Pvt) Ltd has an accomplishment that a top position within the travel business not just since it Done on firm foundation. But also by its principals as well as the core values used by its management.

Aroma firmly feel in these core values

  • Enterprising (adaptable, Proactive, responsive and resourceful).
  • Daring (We stress on being bold).
  • Being Professional and creative.
  • Caring beyond limits (Exceeding customer’s satisfaction).
  • Providing outstanding overall service is no longer one thing we are able to afford to ignore. Our energy is Client Satisfaction, that separates us from some other competitors.
  • Aroma has achieved its current name since its management strongly recommends that. “Reputation is by looking for the items that cannot be accomplished then making the items possible.”
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Dollar Rent a Car- Services, vision and Their Mission

Dollar Rent a Car, has operations in more than 640 worldwide locations covering fifty three countries, with a fleet of around 200,000 vehicles. Headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, Dollar is famous for its quality line up of cars. Dollar Rent An automobile in the UAE is a franchised operation run by A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises, under the license of Zabeel Rent An automobile LLC.

It commenced operations in May 2004 and it is now operating across the towns of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai – including Airport locations, with plans for substantial development down the road. Dollar has plans to boost the amount of locations across the UAE. Dollar Rent A Car seeks to deliver the regional market as well as the global traveler. Our goal is giving most effective and economical services, whilst keeping the best standards.


Their vision is becoming a client centric organization with focus on creating a sustainable and consistent company growth.


Their mission is providing hassle free renting experience to the clients of ours through constant delivery and continuous development of quality product along with an excellent customer experience.

Center Values

  • Fully committed giving customer a charming renting experience
  • Keep it simple and easy
  • Integrity
  • Also Innovative
  • As well As Humble

Dollar offers “Best Value for Money” to other kinds of people of Short-run in addition to Long-term Rentals with a several fleet of cars and also customer helpful service. Our great choice of outstanding service & cars consistently surpasses our customer’s expectations.

What Dollar Rent a Car does

Moreover Dollar Rent a Car provides vehicle acquisition and control solutions that gives significant price savings, decreased management hassles, improved efficiency and risk mitigation to the Clients .

The answer for corporates works on pay for use version rather compared to fleet ownership; which offers freedom to the Clients of ours to possess cars as per their use taking away all of the problems of controlling the fleet as taking care of, registration renewal, damage repair, insurance, maintenance, replacement car plus conclusion of term sale by simply having to pay a fixed Lease Rental.

Dollar Rent a Car likewise visits and also helps corporates to bench mark the policy of theirs that are most effective in class as per the industry standards.

Fleet for virtually every need

  • Firstly Cars for Senior Managers
  • Cars for Field staff
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Specialised (Business) vehicles
  • As well As Private lease

Why Lease from Dollar Rent a Car

Lease is among the most ideal choice of fleet acquisition of the vendors in the UAE since it brings it substantial cost saving but additionally offers reduced administrative hassles and risk mitigation on account of resale value risk, maintenance costs plus use patterns.

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Shift car rental – Company services and Vision

Shift car rental and Arabian Automobiles

A very pleased member of the AWRostamani Group. SHIFT Car Rental will be your all around solution provider with regards to leasing an automobile. They realize each detail and concern about the company. And They make sure They offer personalized and customized top-of-the-line answers that fit you as well as your company needs.

Our young sister company Arabian Automobiles provides them the additional naturally competitive advantage in the marketplace. They’re authorized distributors of Nissan, Infiniti, and also Renault for Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Collectively, They share the expertise and assets to properly serve the needs of yours. This assists optimizes costs, energy, and energy — providing you with much more importance for the some money of yours as well as saving for the business of yours.

Helping them offer world class service is the keen focus of ours on innovative technology. They’re constantly searching for the most groundbreaking alternatives to service the clients right. This committed internet portal, that is an attachment to the state-of-the-art and high-speed servers. Help make cooperation and interaction with the valued corporate clients easy & efficient.

Fully committed to offering the clients of ours with quality automobile rental and also leasing experience. SHIFT offers dependable service guided by the core values of Integrity, Commitment, and Passion.

SHIFT car Rental is an ISO provider and will be the receiver of the SKEA (Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award) and DQAP (Dubai Quality Appreciation Programme) Award, plus will be the one vehicle rental company to have received each awards. They owe the success to the newest achievement of ours with you. They hope this can be one of several to come.

Shift car rental and AWROSTAMANI COMPANIES

At the AW Rostamani Group They ‘ve prevailed in doing just that. And They continue trying to duplicate as well as enhance the encounter each day. They’ve mirrored the development of the area, and embrace development and change with vigor and determination. At exactly the same time They listen with the main aim of enriching the lives of the clients of ours through the services and products.

A very pleased member of the AWRostamani Group. SHIFT car Rental will be your all around solution provider with regards to leasing an automobile. They realize each detail and concern about the company and They make sure They offer personalized and customized top-of-the-line answers that fit you as well as your company needs.

Short Term Car Rental.

SHIFT car rental has probably the widest range & latest model automobiles to offer customers that appreciate and expect world class service. Providing from little to saloon car, luxury automobiles to 4 wheel drives, the SHIFT fleet features many makes & models.

SHIFT rental cars taken out of the fleet at an average of eighteen of months service. And before reaching 50,000 Kms, rendering them amongst the most and newest well kept automobiles of all the rental vendors in UAE. In which the marketplace norm is thirty three weeks and also mileage counts are very subjective.
A small fleet with the newest design automobiles in optimum state is the winning trademark.

Fees Include

  • Full extensive Insurance
  • Unlimited mileage for daily/weekly hire.
  • 24/7 road side assistance incase of breakdown/accident.

Fees Exclude

  • Insurance excess as relevant to groups if CDW is not bought.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). This may be could have at a nominal cost
  • Petrol surcharge in case the automobile isn’t returned with exact same amount at time of handover.
  • A service fee of AED 25/ per fine would be billed on accrued fines during the rental period.
  • Salik fee of AED 5/ per transaction.
  • VMD (Vehicle monitoring device) charges apply for each. The charge is Dhs. 4/ each day, Dhs. 25/ per week and Dhs. 60/ monthly.

General Terms and also Conditions

  • Almost all rentals are calculation on a twenty four hours basis.
  • Motor vehicles are subject to availability.
  • The automobile shall be self drive. In case of any extra driver for the printer. Such info should be an offer to them before forty eight Hours plus a message of the operating license along with a copy of identity.
  • Mileage limit limitless for weekly and daily hire but is restrictd to 4,500 Kms monthly.
    Excess Mileage probably such a bill AED 0.4 per Km for saloon automobiles and AED 0.5 for other vehicles and 4 wheel drive.
  • 4×4 car are not permitted being pushed off road. Failing to do so will lead to damages currently being charged on the Renter.

As well As The Renter shall bear the gas bills during the rental time. Nonetheless, if the car returned with much less gas than it had been rented. And then the Renter shall purchase the gas consumed as well as service charges.
If the Renter is on a trip visa then he/she needs to have sometimes an International Drivers Permit or maybe UAE temporary license that should be accompanied by their neighborhood license. If the Renter is on resident visa then he/she should have a UAE License that should be accompanied by his/her nearby license out of the nation of origin.

Also The era of the driver must be twenty four years & above. And also the driving license must be over six weeks. Nevertheless, if the driver’s age is below twenty four years and also above twenty one years or even driving license is a lot less then 6 month old, in case of every accident or injury. Ten % of the fix charges needs to be borne by the car owner along with the insurance excess.

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Indigo rent a car – Services,Vision and More

Indigo Rent A car is among the very best rent a vehicle in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where you are able to believe in as well as depend on. With us you are able to see the coziness & Economy automobile rental program in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE. Indigo ensures that while you’re coming in Dubai you do not need to be concerned about booking an automobile for yourself or maybe the family of yours. Because Indigo thinks that going various locations will be the main headache in case you go to some school.

Dubai is a fabulous spot to visit as today there’s a significant amount of individuals who are working and now residing in Dubai. They’ve come from several areas of the planet as well as they’ve a great deal of expectations from this community. Bu000t there are lots of individuals who aren’t fond of travelling. But there’re a lot of individuals who love traveling and like Dubai due to its intriguing places. Indigo rent a car has made traveling quick for people that are such who love exploring new places.

When travelling has the advantages of its then on the opposite side, they’ve the cons of its too. While Indigo views the concerns of traveling like covering extended distances as well as becoming exhausted then instantly Indigo is able to see-the positivity like finding new locations that looks more enjoyable than other things. You are able to appreciate probably the most comfy and luxurious traveling practical experience. With indigo lease an automobile service as it’s probably the most demanding automobile rental business in Dubai.

Indigo rent a car offer enjoyable vacation to their customers

Traveling gets enjoyable when you’ve all planned correctly love you understand exactly where you’re likely to live. You understand you’re gon na get meal that is tasty in case you’re planning to purchase from xyz restaurant. You realize you’re planning to enjoy a secure trip as well as moving won’t be considered an inconvenience. With us you are going to get great services that are maybe even in the budget of yours so you do not need to be worried about the automobile rental issues.

Indigo Rent a car has over 2000 vehicles which are present on the buyer demand. in case you would like a luxury automobile and even if you’re really short on funds. Then simply Indigo are here to assist you. Appreciate the fascination of Dubai as Dubai is well known to be just about the most contemporary locations. That are continually growing after the very last fifty years as a result of the exploration of oil. The UAE is loaded with gorgeous buildings as Burj Khalifa. That is noted to be the biggest building in the entire world and several others that can serve as the appeal for the site visitors.

You probably won’t have the ability to get all natural beauty in Dubai though it’s loaded with man made beauty as amusement parks. Shopping malls and particularly the design are well worth seeing. If you’re food loving and then you need to definitely visit Dubai because it’s the greatest chief around the planet. Indigo suggests you to go to Dubai and savor your traveling with us. Indigo ensures you obtain quality service with us and obtain most incredible Best Car rental Company UAE Offers,

Enjoy The Vacation of yours To try A brand new Vehicle

Indigo Rent a car in Dubai also provides you with the chance to test most up model car before leasing it. Why not use your holidays to test the automobile that you would like to be a rented?

Rent A car For The Holidays

Whether it’s a brief stay on the coastline, or maybe a tiny getaway in the countryside. Leasing an automobile is an answer which provides several benefits whenever you wish to go on holiday. According to the desires of yours, you are able to choose a certain design. Find the pleasure of strolling in an Economy automobile, figure out the rental period to adjust for your desires. To shed the vehicle inside the community, appearance or maybe return journey with, etc. Booking is really simple, whether it is a long standing option or maybe a last second need. By the Rent An automobile In Dubai Online.

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Autobahn car rental- what you need to experience

At Autobahn car rental, they promulgate our aspiration of becoming the very first choice in car rentals through unrivalled excellence in leasing and using the services of quality automobiles through properly trained and courteous staff members. Started in the season 1991, with exemplary expertise in customer servicing, autobahn promulgates the aspiration of becoming the very first choice in car rentals. We’ve been always a stride in front of some other automobile rental companies mainly due to,

  • Firstly: Acceptability
  • Best Drive
  • Transparency
  • On Time
  • Budgeted
  • Assistance
  • Hassle Free Drive
  • Nil Liability

Comfort AND SERVICE Of Autobahn Car rental

One step option for your transportation requirements
Therefore Zero Liability in case of accidents

  • Hiring and off hiring at almost any branches at totally free of cost
  • No charges on very small stone and scratches hit
  • With no hidden costs
  • Round the clock roadside assistance
  • Movable service
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Bus Lease plus staff transfer services
  • Round the clock Recovery services
  • Autobahn Garage Services
  • Product Distribution Services
  • Vehicle Tracking System Facilities
  •   Above all the initial German Autobahn Experience

THE UNIQUE THRILLS OF THE GERMAN Autobahn car rental with Germany´s No. one Autobahn Event Company

 Were you ever before dreaming of achieving the magical 300 km/h barrier for one time in your daily life? Enjoy the world´s famous German Autobahn within a suitable supercar under the advice of only one of our skilled teachers and investigate the limitations of yours – The German Autobahn Experience is just what you are needing!

  • The world´s most exotic automobiles – incl. Bugatti / Ferrari / Lamborghini or Porsche 911 / Audi R8 or Mercedes AMG GTS / Nissan GTR
  •  In other words Spots all over Germany For example (incl, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg)
Explore the German Autobahn car rental easily at Maximum Speed
  • Live Instructions by a seasoned instructor
  • HD video as well as photos (optional)
  • Including gas and completely comprehensive insurance

The best way to DRIVE A SUPERCAR at optimum speed You´re on a holiday or maybe business trip in Germany and also check for a few genuine excitement? You´re dreaming of driving full throttle over the German Autobahn inside a supercar which is going to blow the mind of yours with hardly any SPEED RESTRICTIONS? We offer you a sports automobile of pick along with an experienced driving instructor that´ll expose you with the quickest highways in the environment and also a few truly incredible sightseeing routes. This is an unique experience you´ll always remember!

The Highspeed Experience is ideal for everybody – from newbies up to seasoned drivers. Thank´s on the assistance of our skilled driving instructors, you are able to easily check out the limitations of yours on the German Autobahn starting today from eighteen years on – to clarify (depending on automobile)! There´s no security deposit required and also alls charges are provided.

Simple Package (30min driving time on speed limited roads in the city) For example:
  • Porsche 911 Carrera: 299,-€
  • Audi R8 V10plus: 399,-€
  • Mercedes AMG GT S: 399,-€
  • Nissan GTR: 399€
  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 499,-€
  • Lamborghini Huracan LP-610: 499,-€
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700: 999,-€ Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse: 4.999,-€
  • STANDARD Package (60min driving time on speed limited roads in the city)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera: 499,-€
  • Audi R8 V10plus: 599,-€
  • Mercedes AMG GT S: 599,-€
  • Nissan GTR: 599€
  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 699,-€
  • Lamborghini Huracan LP 610: 699,-€ Lamborghini Aventador LP 700: 1.499,-€
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse: 7.999,-€
  • Autobahn PLUS Package (80min driving time on speed restricted roads)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera: 599,-€
  • Audi R8 V10plus: 699,-€
  • Mercedes AMG GT S: 699,-€
  • As well as Nissan GTR: 699€
  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 899,-€
  • also Lamborghini Huracan LP 610: 899,-€ Lamborghini Aventador LP 700: 1.799,-€
  • Above all Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse: 9.999,-€
Autobahn car rental PROFESSIONAL Package (80min driving time incl. UNRESTRICTED roads)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera: 699,-€
  • Also Audi R8 V10plus: 799,-€
  • Mercedes AMG GT S: 799,-€
  • Nissan GTR: 799€
  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 999,-€
  • Lamborghini Huracan LP 610: 999,-€ Lamborghini Aventador LP 700: 1.999,-€
  • As well as Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse: 14.999,-€

On the other hand Nearly all our Experience rides include: Supercar for rent, fully-comprehensive insurance, professional driving instructor, gas prices.

Availability of GPS Machines- Autobahn car rental

Availability of limbs in key locations With a strong fleet containing saloon, SUV, commercial vehicles and refrigerated vehicles, buyer has got the option of selecting from widest selection of makes for daily, weekly, long-term In addition to monthly lease basis. Our extraordinary leasing department provides full vehicle management solutions and also extended rentals which range from one to three years with completely new vehicles as per customers choice & taste at prices that are naturally competitive .

  • Available vehicles for hireSuv and cars
  • So Commercial Vehicles as (Pickups, Delivery, Canters Vans)
  • As well as Buses.
  • Refrigerated cars for example (Availability of Chiller Vans, Chiller Trucks, Freezer Vans, Freezer Trucks)
  • Heavy Equipment Leasing
  • Also Customized commercial vehicles.
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