Dubai’s Wamda Boosts Expenditure Contained Automobile Buying App Seez

Dubai's Wamda Boosts Expenditure Contained Automobile Buying App Seez

Dubai’s Wamda boosts expenditure contained automobile buying app Seez












“By focusing on an unaddressed market with potential that is great, Seez is effectively placed to be a game changer within streamlining the local used automobile market, as well as we’re glad to help that particular process.”


Approximately 275,000 used automobiles have been purchased in the UAE throughout 2019, of that practically half were for export, Seez stated, adding which the most recent round of financing will allow it to introduce a program which provides a fully digital, cross border automobile shopping experience.


“From the very start, we’ve been by using technology to alter how folks shop for automobiles. During the very first 3 years, we centered on creating the product of ours and growing the user base of ours. So now we’re leveraging this particular platform and turning it into a launchpad for each one of these enjoyable brand new services we wish to launch,” stated CEO Tarek Kabrit.



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