Sharjah car market

Sharjah car Market has a new room for more 25000 cars

Sharjah car Market :
A sprawling brand new store for previously owned automobiles. Thought to function as the UAE’s biggest, with a capacity of 25,000 automobiles formally started in Sharjah on Thursday, bringing many years of preparing to frutition.

Sharjah car market

Souq Al Haraj, located behind Tasjeel Village on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. Was inaugurat by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

During the opening. Dr Shaikh Sultan was brief around the faciltity as he and senior officials and dignitaries toured the market.

The Dh250 million Souq Al Haraj replaces the second hand automobile market in Bu Daniq and Abu Shagara residential area. That was beset with parking as well as traffic problems due to the excessive amount of used automobile showrooms plus the cars of theirs on the highways.

By the turn of the brand new year, about 350 used automobile sellers had moved to the brand new industry. That also has car parking some space for 5,000 guests, besides the parking lots for used automobile retailers.

Each one of the 415 showrooms has parking for twenty four to forty four used automobiles. Based on the size of theirs.

Gregg Downer, Chief Real Estate Officer of Sharjah Assest Managment. The expenditure arm of Sharjah goverment that’s controlling the market, said Souq Al Haraj poised to become a success.

“There’s been good interest from some other emirates also. It’s the identical retailers [from Abu Shagara] relocating here. It’s conviniently establish pus it’s simple to move around within the improvement. Unlike Abu Shagara and Bu Daniq, that grew organically,” Downer added.

He stated readjustment for sellers and buyers would “balance out in a quick time of time”. Incorporating the managmet is dedicate to advertising the souq. And that is getting traction through person to person.

Sharjah car Market has been integrated 3 phases,

with stage one officially opening on Thursday.
A main benefit of the industry is the fact that buyers are able to test as well as register the automobiles of theirs at the Tasjeel Village near the marketplace. A fast track service partnership being put in place to accelerate the procedure for sellers and buyers.

Every automobile undergoes “stringent quality and safety checks” at the marketplace. The managment states the checks mean buyers are able to go shopping for previously owned automobiles with confidence about the purchase of theirs.

There are also seventy shops for automobile accessories, washing, other services and spare parts on site.

Abdullah, an agent for people searching for automobiles. Said “it requires a little time to become used to the higher market”.

“In Abu Shagara, it was simple to get around the showrooms because almost everything was near. You just knew where to choose 4x4s or perhaps particular Mercedes models. You want an automobile to go around this particular place,” Abdullah added.

Devi Lal, a Public Relations Officer for a second hand automobile dealer, said the brand new industry, that has been functional for a couple days, is managing to get buyers that had been used to Abu Shagara.

However, the benefit is cheaper for us as we’re paying a better rent here. because a huge dealership costs around Dh366,000 annually; a moderate costs around Dh245,000; along with a tiny one costs Dh60,000 to Dh80,000. This’s around double the typical prices in Abu Shagara,” Lal added.

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