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Car Vault Dubai and Brands of cars they Produce

Incorporating the concepts of theirs in 2010, Sibtain Jaffer, Asif Jaffer and Shahram Parvizi, the idea of Car Vault Dubai into this world and left to mature as time passes. With the goal to perfect an automotive company, the partners spent years building the idea as well as producing suggestions on how you can stand out without sacrificing customer and quality service.

About Car Vault Dubai

Time made it very clear that virtually no automobile showroom was actually about the passion or maybe love of automobiles, as so many promoted their organizations across the glitz and glamour with hardly any emphasis of the primary trade.

There seemed to be a huge drive in order to fix this issue and also think of an idea that’s solely about automobiles and also to let our customers provide an exceptional buying experience. Setting up the bar to function as the very best, a group which boasts of more than thirty years of UAE experience was brought in concert to make certain the best standards of customer and quality service.

Dubai’s fascination for fast automobiles and anything luxury continues to be apparent during the last ten years. Various storage solutions produced an apprehension in the brains of the customers having an issue of always keeping their collection secure as they travel the world. Many vendors made a room to facilitate parking though they lacked the chance to plan professional viewing experiences for buyers or even a clean and safe atmosphere for the cars of theirs. This presented a chance for us to mix the park as well as trade strategies that solves an issue which has extended stayed in the region.

In 2016, the idea of Car Vault started taking shape and quickly it started to be apparent that the change of vision to truth isn’t any walk inside the park. Finally opening the showroom doors in the summer season of 2017, Car Vault has shown to be amongst the very best in Supplying Quality and customer Service Vehicles to a new and loyal client base.

Car Vault Dubai Brands

Today automobile vault dubai is proud to welcome every single automobile enthusiast and customers from across the Globe to Car Vault and also experience an absolutely clean car trading environment. We commit to providing you the very best in class service, with your own touch on each and every interaction along with a good trading environment which enjoys real time decision making supplied by a presence of the founders of ours.

W Motors – Car Vault Dubai

The very first Middle East Hypercar Company really is deserving of the name of being’ The First Son of the Middle East’, by Toys for Boys Magazine. With origins in Beirut, Lebanon, W Motors is making waves within the automobile market after the 2013 unveiling of the Lykan HyperSport at the Qatar International Motor Show.

Fast-forward 4 years, the Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport are already exhibited and valued within the best motor shows across the world together with the Lykan clocking an excellent 0 100 KMPH of 2.8 seconds. These auto masterpieces are extremely minimal and boast never before seen attributes such as: Diamond-Encrusted lights and holographic Controls.

n 2013, W Motors made the decision to advance its headquarters from Lebanon to the UAE keeping in mind the unrestrained advancement of the community & appreciation of luxury which is associated to Dubai. In 2017, W Motors put the trust of theirs in Car Vault Dubai and also named us the official and exclusive elements for the cars of theirs.

Consequently unconventional yet strategic location, a distinctive showroom and warehouse format coupled with a considerable contact listing of customers, make the Fenyr and Lykan merely the type of exposure earned by these best machines.

Karlmann King

Firstly Karlmann King presents the very first Luxury Superior Utility Vehicle.
It’s not a typical transportation application, but an ultimate collection designed for the worldwide top level collectors and investors.

That is to say, Automobile vault dubai made the ultimate and special very design conceptions on Karlmann King. automobile vault dubai were influenced by the stealth fighter. automobile vault dubai recognize the design language through the use of stone grass clippings on the distinctive Karlmann King vehicle. When you’re discovering a Karlmann King, it can make you feel as if going into the eyes of a falcon. The design language of stone cutting is repeated in the inside as well. automobile vault dubai effectively combines luxury with good technology, bringing you the satisfaction of really specific driving experience.

Moreover Karlmann King is created by top-level manufacturer for very small quantities in Europe. Karlmann King is going to be an extremely limited edition of any LSUV.

Also Karlmann King is going to bring an extremely distinctive visual sensation and driving experience for the greatest automobile enthusiasts as well as people who like design. This highly useful medium of transportation have been made for:

VVIPs and it is predestined and incredibly appealing for automobile collectors.
Actors, , songwriter, singer and music stars, artists designers
Successful people & stars from the entertainment business folks in the shows, in which automobile vault dubai is presenting Karlmann King very often are asking. “Is this the future automobile for Batman; what’s the title of the film, automobile vault dubai is able to see Karlmann King next?”

Manufactured in Europe

The objective of the designing staff has been creating an outstanding and extremely exclusive vehicle which is representing a brand new type of design language. Headed through the Italian style director Luciano D’Ambrosio, the international group accomplished the purpose and also developed a distinctive king of the street.

The European top level manufacturer has an enormous expertise in producing brand new automobiles and has a huge amount of craftsmanship, to ensure that the style may be transferred into reality. Optimal styling, uniqueness, quality that is high, best components and performance that is excellent have become the basics for design, and also for manufacturing.

Being manufactured in Europe, Karlmann King has probably the most sophisticated components, manufactured in Germany, Italy along with other European nations. Engine and chassis is going to be furnished by Ford, USA. Depending on the Ford F 550, an incredibly efficient method with the proven V10, 6.8 litre petrol engine, Karlmann King shows the greatest performance on path in addition to off road.

Karlmann King will be realized on the road the moment he’ll show up. It’s dimensions in length of six m, height and width of 2.48 m and generally mass of aproximatelly 4.5 tons, no one will oversee this particular vehicle. The unique design of its represents strength and power.

Westfield Sports Cars – Car Vault Dubai

Meanwhile spring of 1982 historic grand prix competition and engineer, Chris Smith chosen to develop and develop a replica of only one of his all time favourite race automobiles, the gorgeous 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans automobile. Such was the reliability and attractiveness of the automobile he made in his house storage area at Westfield House, Armitage he was instantly inundated with requests from enthusiasts eager for one on their own.

After that, launch of a new automobile, as well as accepted Westfield 7SE, a choice was taken to fade away the XI enabling the staff to focus on generation of the brand new kit. The business continued growing quickly to deal with ever growing need, and that became even much stronger after the bodywork was redesigned and also modernised. Westfield were and now firmly established.

In 1991, Westfield expanded once again going to the amazing factory and also office block in Kingswinford in which automobile vault dubai currently producing today. However It right here that the incredible V8 powere SEIGHT initially triggered the planet to shake. With monster strength and also an amazing 0 60mph time of 3.6 seconds it was Westfield’s fastest machine so far and received critical acclaim through the motoring press.

Westfield Sports Cars History

To clarify In December 2006 ownership of Westfield Sportscars transferred to Potenza Sports Cars, as a family unit business having a powerful vision: Being the original option sportscar provider as well as among the world’s most admired niche car manufacturers.

In other words Potenza are continuing the expenditure and development with the development of the company and items into completely new areas. In 2007 Potenza persisted with the product development approach of theirs and then purchased GTM Cars. Integrating the GTM into the Westfield production system in nearly 2 weeks. Then, 6 weeks later getting a controlling stake in Roadster Bil AB (A Swedish automobile manufacturer).

Also In June 2009 Westfield evolved into the very first Niche Vehicle Manufacturer took European Small Series Production Status with the brand new land mark Sport Turbo. Utlising the VXR 1.6 GM Engine along with brand new lightweight design chassis generation of the automobile began with immediate unprecedented orders from Europe. Car Vault Dubai

Aafter that Launch of the IRacer at Geneva Motor Show 2010 saw Westfield go into the Electric car industry utlising several sophisticated materials for parts of the automobile. But one month after show the worlds first Electric Vehicle Drift reliability trials took Westfield and place effectively demonstrated its brand new expansion and style effectiveness. The abilities are more extended in on the hybrid market with the effective trials and demonstration of the Sport Turbo (hybrid) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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