Types Of Tires

A typical challenge when purchasing tires is actually realizing the various kinds of tires, and what one will work best for you.

The simplest way to group tires is starting with the kind of the automobile of yours. After figuring out which tire types are options for the car of yours, you are able to decide which style is ideal for you based on the driving needs of yours.

PASSENGER TOURING VEHICLES: SEDANS, CUVS, & MINIVANS The tires created for that specific category of automobiles are usually engineered to provide a quiet and smooth ride, reliable all season traction, along with a longer lasting tread life. Luxury cars which fall under the passenger touring category is able to get luxury tire choices in both the all season touring and grand touring categories. While many automobiles in that segment will conform to these kinds of tires, several vehicles are actually modified for improved performance, and will require a lot more performance from the tires of theirs.


The all season touring tire is created to provide handling and comfort very good on the freeway, and also reliable all season traction. It’ll typically offer a symmetrical tread circumferential grooves and pattern for stormy weather grip.


Touring tires, also called Grand touring tires are actually supposed to provide a pleasant experience and reliable all season traction, with the inclusion of a lot more responsive handling. They typically have a greater pace rating than all season touring tires, and sometimes include an asymmetrical tread pattern.

Performance feature and sedan vehicles generally require enhanced handling abilities from the tires of theirs. They frequently need reasonable traction in an assortment of problems, though the focus leans more towards performance than comfort. Some touring sedan owners modify the automobiles of theirs, as well as would like a tire with higher performance capabilities. You will find luxury choices offered in both the all season overall performance as well as the summer performance segments.

A typical challenge when purchasing tires is actually realizing the various kinds of tires, and what one will work best for you. The simplest way to group tires is starting with the kind of the automobile of yours. After figuring out which tire types are options for the car of yours, you are able to decide which style is ideal for you based on the driving needs of yours.


Performance tires typically have larger circumferential and lateral grooves, for damp weather traction. They also generally feature fairly dense siping and silica enriched tread compounds, for much better grip no matter the weather condition. They’ve higher speed ratings than touring tires.


Summer tires are targeted for performance in dry and wet conditions. They’re not created for all season traction. They’re enhanced for weather that is warm, as well as provide responsive handling and grip in dry or wet conditions. Summer tires generally feature solid contact patches, adequate circumferential grooves for hydroplaning resistance, and tiny to no siping. They’re perfect for performance cars in hotter climates.


Track and competition tires are actually much like street performance tires in they’re created to provide the pinnacle of overall performance. Track and competition tires are hardly ever utilized for everyday driving. They’re engineered to offer constant road contact in conditions that are dry. They differ from summer tires in the construction of theirs, that usually includes high tech body and sidewall reinforcements such as aramid or kevlar. While these tires might be D.O.T. approved, they’re created for severe performance, and are usually utilized for amateur track days or maybe professional competitions. In case you’re in a match series, whether a Corvette club or maybe a small series, your competition tire specifications are actually driven by your series’ mandate. To make sure that your competitors tires align with the series of yours, it’s ideal to check out series bylaws.

Truck and SUV tires are actually split in place by the various applications of the automobile. You might require a far more intense tire which can deal with things in which the pavement ends, or maybe you might see a great deal of highway driving, that would gain from a softer, more durable tread. You will find truck and SUV tire sorts which can suit your needs anywhere you drive.


Highway tires have all season tread patterns and are actually created to deal with the heavier loads of a truck or maybe SUV. They’re engineered to get really secure on the pavement. Most highway tires have durable compounds and tread patterns that resist uneven use to provide long lasting tread life. They typically feature siping for enhanced all season traction.


All-terrain, or maybe A/T tires typically have a far more intense tread pattern than road or perhaps trail tires. They’ve larger tread blocks and more voids, that give traction in off road driving conditions. A/T tires frequently feature the Severe Weather Service symbol. They’re created to manage light, sand, and gravel mud. Many all terrain tires achieve this off road traction with very little to no on road discomfort. They provide road stability and comfort, in addition to the off road thrills. So many individuals like all terrain tires since they’ve a far more intense appearance with minimal or little sacrifice in sound, comfort, or maybe longevity.


Mud-terrain, or perhaps M/T tires feature extremely aggressive tread patterns with extremely big tread blocks and more voids. This enables the tires to have extra traction in very soft terrains, such as deep mud and sand. They frequently have intense sidewall characteristics which enhance traction in terrain that is soft while providing the tire an even more tough appearance. Frequently, the sidewalls will be reinforced to resist tears, abrasions, and punctures which generally happen when driving off road. Mud-terrain tires are usually less pleasant on highways, as well as are inclined to be noisier than the much less extreme tire options. They’re ideal for cars that see regular off road driving, off road enthusiasts, or perhaps people looking for an off road appearance.


All-Purpose (A/P) or maybe trail tires are just a bit more tough than a regular highway tire. A/P tires generally feature fewer sipes than a highway pickup truck tire. An A/P tread pattern will usually include overlapping blocks to supply moderate off road grip in loose highway conditions. A/P tires are usually referred to as very gentle all terrain tires.


Ribbed tires are created for the final in highway control as well as long lasting mileage. They typically have a great rib tread look for improved stability, even under a large load. This improves wet weather traction. Ribbed tires are fantastic for commercial vehicles which find a great deal of highway mileage.


Performance vehicle tires are extremely similar to highway tires. They feature all season tread patterns which are enhanced for a bunch of environmental conditions. They typically have sipes for improved traction, though not as numerous sipes as seen on a highway tire. Performance truck tires also feature higher speed ratings than highway tires. Some performance pickup truck tires are going to feature an asymmetrical tread pattern.

Special TIRES
It’s probable you end up in need of specialty tires. They might be for the lawn mower or maybe go cart, or perhaps perhaps you have to upgrade the spare tire of yours. We’ve temporary spare tires, ATV tires, trailer tires, as well as lawn and yard tires. Whether you have to outfit the golf cart of yours, or perhaps change tires on your horse trailer, we’ve the tires you are needing.


Winter tires are made for the very best traction in winter season conditions that are harsh below forty five degrees. Winter tires are available in a large variety of uses, and are actually created for an even broader variety of cars. Winter tires feature heavy siping and deep circumferential grooves that function to expel ice and slush buildup from the contact patch. The 2 great winter tire types are actually studded and non studded. Studded winter tires feature very small metal studs, or maybe pins, which are actually engineered to provide the pinnacle of traction on icy driving surfaces. Studded tires, while ideal for problems with serious ice, could cause extra noise and discomfort. Studded winter tires are unlawful to use in certain states. They’re simply suggested in case you drive in probably the harshest of winter conditions. Non-studded winter tires have all of the functions of studded winter tires, except the studs. They’re created for excellent traction in winter conditions, and also give reasonable grip on ice. Non-studded winter tires offer a lot of traction for the winter driving.

The All Weather tire is actually a newbie to the business. It’s created to fill up the gap between a separate winter tire as well as an all season tire. Nearly all Weather tires are actually supposed to keep reliable traction when temperatures fall below forty five degrees, but unlike winter tires, they do not have to be changed out when springtime comes around. Nevertheless, in case you stay in areas that deal with serious ice and ice, an all weather tire, like the all season tire, won’t provide the superior winter traction that a winter tire delivers.

Short-term SPARES

Temporary spare tires are made in either full size or compact. Compact temporary spares, a.k.a. donut spares, are actually for temporary use only. They’re usually rated for up to fifty miles, at speeds up to 50mph. They need a significantly greater air pressure than tires that are regular. Full size spares are usually the same color as the tires on the car. Usually, if the producer offers a full size spare, it is going to be the very same tire variety as the initial equipment.


Trailer tires are made in both bias ply or perhaps radial ply constructions. Bias ply tires typically can carry more importance for longer periods of time. Nevertheless, they have a tendency to have additional irregular wear and a rougher ride than radial tires. Radial ply tires offer a softer ride and are better suited for highway driving.


ATV tires are actually made in mud, sand, all terrain, along with racing types. They can easily feature large individual tread blocks and large voids, and they provide great traction in rocks, gravel, mud, and sand. Typically speaking, the much more intense the tread pattern is actually, the more aggressive the use may be.


We too have lawn and yard tires in stock. This includes: dolly (a.k.a. hand truck) tires, wheelbarrow tires, lawn mower tires, and golf cart tires.

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